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Login from your iPhone or mobile device and manage your staff, timesheets, projects, invoices, clients, to do lists and much more from only $14 per month!

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iphone app project management, business management.
Welcome to easyTasker

Business management just got easy.

What's easyTasker?

Welcome to easyTasker, our Online Project Management, Business Management System for small to medium sized businesses looking to manage their projects, timesheets, invoices, expenses, clients and staff delegation, either in the office or out on the road.

Login from an iPhone, Blackberry (or any mobile device) or a web browser when you get back to the office. All activity is synchronised between all devices, which means you only have to add the information once as the data is synchronised between your iPhone, mobile, and computer login.

What can it do?

Here's a quick overview of what you can do with easyTasker:

Manage your projects & timesheet tasks.
Manage your clients.
Delegate timesheet tasks to your staff.
Available in any currency.
All web-based.
iPhone version (fully synchronised).
Mobile version (fully synchronised).
Create and send invoices to your clients.
Generate and attach invoice PDF's.
Set different Tax/GST on each invoice.
Add PayPal 'Pay Now' button to your invoices.
Get paid direct to your paypal account.
Invoices are automatically deducted from projects.
Delegate timesheet tasks & projects to other users.
Manage your expenses.
View powerful reporting information.
Manage your to do list and delegate to others.
And much more...
Project management on iPhone and Blackberry
Featured on Apple Web Apps Manage your projects

With easyTasker you can manage your projects, timesheets, invoices and delegate to your staff. It's a great way of keeping track of who's working on which projects and tasks.

View powerful reports

View reports to see an overview of your business, see which clients owe you money, and which projects are assigned to your team.

Manage your business on the road

Rarely at your desk? You can login from your iPhone, Blackberry (or any mobile device) or computer to keep a track of your workload and your staff members. All data is synchronised between all devices.